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Movement Unlimited Inc.


Why are your programs 8 weeks?

It takes 8 weeks of consistent activity to make a change. Each 8 week session gives you the opportunity to learn new movements, develop a better understanding and build strength, increase muscle length and improve your posture.

What happens if I miss the start of a class session?

You are welcome to join classes at any point in the session.  Your session will be prorated for the number of weeks left in the session if you begin after the start date.

What if I can’t make my class?

We reserve the same day and time for you in class each week.  We do realize that there are times when your schedule may change. We offer makeup classes as a courtesy if you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled class due to illness, vacation or other absence.  We required 24 hours notice to make a change to your registration. Failure to notify us that you won’t be attending your class will result in you being charged for the session.

All makeup classes must be completed within the 8 week session. Makeup classes are based on availability of space and are not guaranteed.  Book your makeup classes as early as possible to ensure you complete all your classes within the 8 weeks.

Are payment plans available?

We are happy to offer you payment options at no additional cost.  When paying in installments, the first payment is due at the time of registration.  The second payment is due by week 3 of the session. Our team will email you a reminder that your second payment is due.
Failure to attend classes is not a valid reason for not paying the second installment.  A stored credit card must be on file in order to be eligible for our payment plan.  Your card will only be billed should you fail to make payment on time.  Please note a 4% convenience fee will be added should we need to charge your credit card for the second payment.

What should I bring to class?

We recommend bringing water, grippy socks (available for purchase at the studio) or bare feet, and comfortable clothing that will allow you to move. 

Still have questions?

Contact our Studio Coordinator at (905) 892-1239 or email .

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