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Movement Unlimited started from very humble beginnings in my basement at home in 2002 while my boys were very little .  Within a year, it blossomed and I was able to expand to a studio space.  Since then Movement Unlimited has grown both in size and reputation.  We are proud that we are Niagara’s first and only fully equipped Pilates studio.  We are pioneers in Therapeutic Pilates for injury recovery and have developed a exceptional reputation with allied health professionals as leaders in the industry.

“I’m passionate about helping people achieve their health and wellness goals through the Pilates method. After over 30 years of helping people transform their movement and bodies, I’m confident my team and I have a programme that will suit your needs.  From young to old or fit to injured, you will leave our studio moving and feeling better.”

Allison Kares, NCPT, Director, Movement Unlimited Inc.

Our Programs

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Small Group Classes

At Movement Unlimited, small groups mean you are never lost in a crowd.  You get the benefit of training with others while still receiving attention and support from the teacher on an individual level.  It’s a personalized practice in a group setting that still allows you to achieve your goals and maximize your results.

Private, one-on-one Personal Training

A private training session is your opportunity to understand how your body moves and what adjustments can enhance your progress.  Our teachers customize each session and evaluate your progress regularly so you are always moving toward success.

Therapeutic Pilates

Our collaborative approach to programming allows you to work with us whether you are actively having treatment with a practitioner or whether you have finished treatment and are focusing on maximizing your recovery. 
Connect with us to find out how your Therapeutic Pilates program may be covered by extended health care benefits!

Why Choose Us?

Customized Instruction For Every Student

Whether in a one on one, private session or a small group class, your teacher has your needs in mind and will provide options to enhance your mobility, increase your strength and achieve your goals


The Benefits of Pilates

Increase Your Mobility & Flexibility

Moving with ease is an essential part of your health. Joseph Pilates said “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old.  If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”

Strength Building

Resistance training comes in many forms and the Pilates apparatus will provide a strengthening experience like no other you’ve ever felt.  Connect with your deeper muscles while developing an integrated, whole body approach that can only be achieved in a Pilates studio.

Improve Your Core Connection

Core training is so much more than abdominal strengthening and our goal is to assist you in optimizing your core function using a research based approach to health core conditioning.

Restore Your Alignment & Posture

Our teachers will educate you about posture and alignment and how it influences your health, maximizes your performance and can be integrated into any fitness or movement program. 

Enhance Your Sport

Pilates is used every day by professional athletes to enhance their strength, mobility and control  Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an amature sport enthusiast, our teachers will design a program to help you excel at your game.

Balance Your Mind and Body

Our clients will tell you that one of the most noticeable benefits they receive from their training is more focus and connection with their body.  A heightened awareness and focus develops as you explore your movement habits.

Our Award winning Team of Teachers

Having the right coach can make all the difference

We can help you on your path to progress no matter what your goals are!

People love our studio!

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Pelvic floor dysfunction affects countless men and women. But how do you deal with it? MORE AND MORE MEN AND WOMEN are putting a band-aid on their pelvic floor issues. We see ads about how pads and liners can make you function better in day-to-day life, but they only...


Pelvic Floor Pilates combines medical research with exercise to help women realize that “pelvic floor health is a fitness issue.’

Yoga vs Pilates

By Allison Kares  There is often a misconception that Pilates and yoga are the same. Although both methods have their roots in mindful awareness of movement, there are some key differences that separate these two disciplines.  1.Yoga is a mat based class...

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