A gym can be a very intimidating place to exercise, especially if you don’t feel like you know what you are doing or if you have injuries and you are worried about hurting yourself. There are definite benefits to choosing a studio environment over a gym or health club.

You’re Never Alone
A studio is an ideal place to get moving if you are new to exercising, haven’t exercised in a while or have injuries. Unlike in a gym environment, studio training provides small group or private, individual lessons which means you are never training alone. With constant supervision, you’re sure to have better technique to maximize your results.
Who’s Watching Me?
Have you ever felt like your instructor was only there for their own personal workout? A studio is a unique training space where instructors focus all their expertise on you and your alignment, not on their own personal workout. During group classes and private sessions, studio instructors spend their time monitoring what you are doing and how you are doing it. They may demonstrate an exercise in order for you to see what it looks like, however, after the demonstration they are up and about correcting what you do and how you do it. Instructors in a studio do their workouts on their own time, not in class with you.

Smaller is better
Although studios may charge more for their services, it’s because you are getting more personalized attention than in a gym. Small size group classes mean that you are getting the corrections and modifications that are appropriate for your body and your needs to maximize your results. In a studio, group classes have no more than 10 participants which means the instructor can adjust exercises to meet each participant’s individual needs without disruption to the class. Instead of being one body in a sea of many, you have the opportunity to get more attention and improve your performance of each exercise. Sometimes smaller is better.

Expert advice
A studio is a place where you will find instructors with more targeted education, especially for clients with injuries. With fewer clients, instructors can focus on providing training that suits your needs, rather than a generalized workout that is given to every client that walks through the door. In a studio, we take the time to find out what your personal goals are, as well as assess challenges you may be having. We look at many different aspects of wellness and provide coaching that addresses all aspects of your life. Health and wellness are more than just making you exercise. We take into consideration your entire person and match your goals and needs to your training.

Lost in the crowd
Are you uncomfortable exercising in a group? Then studio training is for you. A studio is a much more intimate environment that respects a client’s privacy and allows you to work out without having everyone in the gym staring at you. Studios offer private, personalized sessions in a space where it is only you and your trainer working. You don’t have to share equipment or space with others. Gyms often provide personal training in the same space where other clients are working out. This can make clients feel uncomfortable or intimidated. In a studio, you never have to compare yourself with someone else, and you can feel confident that you have your trainer’s undivided attention.

Still not sure that studio training is what you need? Why not book a session and see how focused and comfortable a session can be. Studio training is money invested in you and your success. We all have the best of intentions to make it to the gym but often find excuses that can get in the way. With an appointment and your trainer’s support, your sure to achieve all you dream of and more!

“Get someone else to blow your horn, and the sound will carry twice as far.” – Will Rogers